SuperCare Legal Service Plan


Our flexible service plan is designed to get small business using their lawyer like the big corps and seasoned business owners all do -regularly.  Too often small companies delay consulting with their attorney, often until it is too late to get the most value from legal advice.


Step 1:  Receive a no-obligation initial consultation.  If you decide not to subscribe to the SuperCare Plan, you only pay our normal charge for an initial consultation. (Be sure to confirm with your attorney before the initial meeting that the consultation is intake for the plan, otherwise you will be charged normal rates).

Step 2:  Following the initial consultation your attorney can help you prioritize the legal work to focus on in the coming year and recommend which of the add-ons are best for your business. 

Step 3:  Submit your application with payment, and tell us which of the add-ons you wish to include.

BASELINE SERVICES: (all are included) 

  • Quarterly legal strategy sessions (usually 1-2 hours)
  • Unlimited short calls (i.e., up to 15 minutes per day)
  • 10 pages of document review.  (This might be 1 long contract, 10 1-page contracts, 2 letters and a lease, etc.)
  • 25% discount on all attorneys fees for work not covered in the plan

GROUP I ADD-ONs: (pick one from this group)

  • 2 hours of attorney time on any matter within our law practice
  • 7 additional pages of document review

GROUP II ADD-ONs: (pick one from this group)

  • 4 hours of attorney time on any matter within our law practice
  • 16 additional pages of document review
  • Entity formation (incorporation).  This includes consulting to ensure proper ownership and capital structure, training on how to maintain the required formalities of an Inc or LLC, and drafting and filing of the necessary paperwork to form your corporation or LLC.
  • Entity formation (incorporation) cleanup services.  Whether you filed the Secretary of States 1 page Articles or you downloaded forms from online, or had your accountant or other non-attorney draft incorporation paperwork for you, this option reviews everything, corrects and supplements missing paperwork and provides the same consulting on structuring and training on formalities we would provide if we did the incorporation from the start.
  • Review of a commercial lease
  • Trademark clear & register package ($1500 value). Includes preliminary clearance and registration 

NOTE: All government filing fees and third party costs incurred are not included in the SuperCare Plans

SuperCare Service Plan

More & more clients prefer prepaid legal service plans:

  • Regular check-in meetings
  • Unlimited quick calls
  • Huge fee discounts
  • Unique flexible service choices


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